Fall 2019 Issue of Harvard Otolaryngology Now Available

November 20, 2019

We are pleased to present our latest issue of Harvard Otolaryngology.

fall 2019 harvard otolaryngology cover

Highlights include:

  • Hidden Hearing Loss: A 10-Year Journey: A decade after the discovery of cochlear synaptopathy, scientists uncover a new potential cause
  • Is Tongue-Tie Surgery Always Necessary: New research questions whether too many infants are receiving tongue-tie surgery to improve breastfeeding 
  • Saving Voices with Silk: A new FDA-approved silk-based product may offer hope for long-term voice restoration
  • News: P01 Grant Awarded for Head and Neck Cancer
  • Alumni profiles: Dr. Paul Hammerschlag and Dr. Lara Tompson
  • And more!

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